Plans, Surgery, and a Whole Lot More Until 2020 Starts!

I am changing my blog, well perfecting it into my ideal image. This has been along time in the making and now I feel it’s the right time to unleash it.

I am far from finished and will probably continue to change my mind along the way. This is just how I do things. How I process so please if it irritates you, I apologize ahead of time. Sorry, not sorry. This is my creation, my baby and I don’t want to give you guys plain crap to look at.

So I will be adding a lot of posts within the new year. Many will be scheduled too. I will give you monthly agendas prior the month ahead of time once this idea takes full shape.

Instead of creating and managing two blogs, I’m putting two blogs in one. Books & Keto. Both are my passions brought into my life oddly by my SLE Lupus.

Lupus made me sick enough to be legally disabled, in turn the only entertainment I get aside from family & friends is books. Lupus also brought me to Keto.

This happened by being a last ditch effort and not wanting to die young. In a way, Lupus has helped me find new passions and a new love for life and everyone in it. For that I am grateful.

I try to not post too much about Lupus on here. Not because I don’t support it. I very much do. I go to a local support group for my Lupus and other autoimmune diseases every 8 weeks for so. It’s just not my main focus for this blog.

December 10th I have a full hysterectomy scheduled. This is to hopefully help eliminate my passing out due to my POTS.

Due to this and currently updating my blog things may be taking a bit longer than usual to be posted.

I have a vision in my mind where I want this to go. I will get there but it’s taking me a long time. Not only because of my chronic illnesses, but my son requires a lot of time as well.

Not saying at all that this blog isn’t worth it to me. It’s very much my baby and I’m a perfectionist. (Slytherin)

So I have to get everything just right before I post it. LOL After a body altering surgery and lack of hormones I may be a little out of it mentally for a bit.

I am going to be posting my 2020 Reading Plans and Anticipated TBR for the whole year soon. I have been also working on a spreadsheet template. We Will see if I can get my math right for that publish date. LOL

So stay tuned for that. In 2020, I plan to bring back Wrap-Ups (probably monthly), I will add a Series Saturday highlight post, and get a schedule up for you guys on my solid days I post. I am really behind on my blog book reviews. (EEEEEK)

So that one is going to take a while to get caught up on. If you are wanting to know my real time ratings then currently Twitter is the best place to find those.

This blog will be seeing many updates through 2020. I have a ton of plans that are going to take place and bear with me, while I leave place holders and such for my memory.

I have an anticipated finish date of February 29th, 2020, but depending how my surgery recovery (brain fog) goes I may have to extend this to end of March or April.

I really want to be done with everything and up and running with all my new plans prior to that time, but I am learning to give myself grace too. So we shall see when the time comes where I am at progress wise. 🙂

I am combining my two passions into one for this blog. You will start seeing scheduled Keto/Health related posts as well as my regular book posts.

I hope to be posting a time scheduled 5x weekly by mid 2020. Four of those will for sure be book related and once weekly a dedicated Keto/Health update post. I also want to free up more time for my unscheduled posts.

Examples of these posts will be book reviews, book hauls, shopping trips, neora health products, lab & doctor updates, weight loss & body picture updates, etc.

Most of these won’t be posted at regular intervals (maybe), but will definitely be a huge priority for me in 2020.


  1. I hope your surgery goes well. I hear lupus is a really tiring condition, so that must be really difficult to go through. It’s wonderful you have the beautiful world of stories to provide you solace and comfort.


  2. I wish you all the best with your surgery and hope that your post-op recovery will be kind to you. And as a fellow spoonie I totally get you when you say that books have become a passion. Books and my blog really help me to get through some tough times. Sending you all the love and healing vibes <333

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree with you completely! When you are a spoonie any form of entertainment during flares and bad days are a huge blessing! I honestly don’t know how I would get through the depression and bad days without the blogs and books! All the love and support is so appreciated and lots of love and hugs is sent your way too! Also, sending extra spoons! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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