Marvelous Keto Journey

So I have been following the Standard Keto Diet for 2 months now to see how I would feel and if it would be something I could follow.

I can tell you being someone who has studied Nutrition previously in college for years, tried and succeeded (initially, then subsequently failed) with many diets, that I was more than skeptical. This dietary change was more than against everything I had been taught in school. It seriously is the opposite of what is being taught in Nutrition!

But, I am also one that believes that society will hide the answers to keep us sick. Sick is where they profit. Sick is where they want us because we are not only dependent on healthcare but ultimately dependent on our government. #unpopularopiniontime

Yes, I realize this is a very unpopular opinion and many many especially in the healthcare, government, pharmaceutical, nutrition, and science industry may disagree. But answer me this. Have you been chronically ill and experienced all of these industries? I can tell you I have. I have worked in most of these industries, studied others in college, and have first hand experience on the illness side with the rest.

I have not only worked in a hospital, but been chronically ill in one. I’m sad to say that as a worker you are treated to a much higher standard than a patient is in my personal experience. This has been the experience for all of these situations as well. Also, I have found hidden secrets that made my stomach turn and want to get sick. Most of which I have to take to my grave. Yet trust me when I say they want us sick.

I have SLE Lupus, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, Degenerative Disk Disease, Migrainous Vertigo, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Peripheral Neuropathy, Idiopathic Hypersomnia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, Arthritis, and I am on December 10th getting a Full Hysterectomy at age 30. I am also legally disabled and was at age 28.

So when I say I am sick and tired I really mean it.

I am tired of all the times I’ve been to the 11 doctors I see every single month. I am tired of the times I’ve been told “we can try this drug or that drug.” I am currently taking 23 prescription medications. This is with no herbal supplements included. I am tired of being told, “A new drug should be coming out soon we can try for your Lupus.” or “You’ve failed all the drugs currently on the market for your diseases.” or “Try to stay out of the hospital the best you can.” or the worst one “I’m so sorry you are sick.”

Yeah, I was sorry too. I felt sorry for myself for a long time after I was initially diagnosed in 2016, age 26. I used to run marathons. Now I can barely walk to the car. It changed my life and I wouldn’t say for the better most days.

Am I bitter? Probably. My husband says I am a true Slytherin and I really am. I get bitter at times but I’m also damn motivated and driven. I wasn’t going to let these diseases that robbed me of so much destroy me! Forget it….

So I decided I would search for help, I would do what a Slytherin does best and I would never give up. I will persevere and find something that works on the holistic side of things since traditional medicine has failed me so dramatically.

I started looking online at first then around me. My mom has been Keto for years and so have a few of my friends but honestly I never put two and two together. Then one day I stumbled upon this forum with someone with Lupus that has been feeling better in it. I looked further and saw she was doing Keto and it’s lowered her inflammation numbers dramatically by itself. This intrigued me. So began my search.

I then asked my family members that have been doing Keto and my friends. “Does this really help?, Is it hard to do?, Can I do this?, Do you feel hungry or like you never get to eat anything?, Do you feel like you are lacking something in your diet?”

I know when I was eating super “healthy” by the Standard American Diet’s standard pyramid I always felt like I was hungry and I never wanted to do that again. Flashback to 2014, I was running a lot, 160 pounds, and eating chicken and broccoli so much I honestly got so burned out on it. It made me want to binge and binge on “cheat” days. That created an awful habit.

Then one day in 2017 I was 5’6″, 280 pounds, a size 20 pants, and crying on my bathroom floor. I was heavier than my husband and heavier than I’ve ever been before! UGH, something had to change. So I stopped eating so much. That’s all I did and wound up losing 40 pounds over a year and 1/2 by doing that way.

Yeah I lost weight, but I felt super restricted. I was eating once, if that, per day and my metabolism had all but shut down. I was eating “healthy” food again and the scale wasn’t budging. I needed help.

I decided to after lots and lots of research to take the plunge on Keto. After all, I’ve done seriously about every other diet and I was borderline developing an irrational fear of food in general.

Within the first two months I lost 30 pounds! I couldn’t believe it and I am truly never hungry at all. I have to “force” myself to eat and I am a person that loves cheese, sour cream, steak, all the fixins and now I can have as much as I want and my cholesterol levels are lower than they have ever been in my life!

Seriously, it doesn’t make sense at all, but Dr. Eric Berg discusses how Cholesterol is actually caused by sugar intake not by eating Cholesterol. I have included lots of resources and links to his website below. He has over 1,000 educational Keto related short Youtube videos you should really check out if you are interested. Youtube is a great resource for Keto knowledge or recipes as well!

I have included my before pictures below. I just took these and I hope you will follow me on my journey over the next few years as I continue my Keto and Lupus journey. I am also going to include in my posts any supplements I use, my recipes, my macros, everything so you will see what I eat, when I eat it, and you can follow along if you wish!

I am completely transparent with you guys and putting myself out there. Just know if there are trolls posting on here their needless comments will go in the trash and it won’t effect me. I honestly don’t care. I am on a positive journey and this is my choice to become my way of life. I am taking charge of my body, my mental, emotional health, and doing what I feel is working.

I will post within the next week or so as I am completely setting up my improved blog site what my meal plan is, macros, explanation of what the different types of keto are I am following, etc. Never fear, I will indulge these questions! This is just explaining what I am starting.

Please also talk with a medical provider before starting any program. I will not to be held liable for anything included in any of my posts or on my blog as I am not a doctor and I can’t provide any form of medical advice. Thanks! 🙂

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