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My name is Heather. My alias was Marvelous Bookish Tomes and now I am Marvelous Ketomes. In 2020, I am transitioning my page to include Keto as well as Book. I am 30 years old, have a wonderful husband, and an amazing 11 year old son. They are very supportive of me every single day and keep me going.

I love to read, hence the main reason I started blogging. I’ve been blogging for now 8 months, although I just revamped my blog so it may look like I just started. I wanted to redo a lot of things and get everything set up with my new ideas for 2020, and I had way too many posts to redo all of them.

The easiest way to do that was to start fresh. Sorry if this annoys anyone. It was a very cleansing process for me and since I am now also cleansing my body with Keto, very necessary in my process.

You will see that I am also not just a book blogger anymore. I am transitioning to a health blogger as well. Primarily Keto centered. This is because I have been Keto the past two months and have become very passionate about it. I want to share my story with the world as well as several people that have been inspiring me day to day.

I mentioned that my husband and my son are very supportive. I honestly couldn’t do anything I do on a daily basis without their love, patience, encouragement, or presence. I keep going not only with their love but with the love of my other family and friends. You will in the coming weeks and months see some of their stories presented in my blog as that’s part of my 2020 goals.

I was diagnosed with SLE Lupus in 2016 and became legally disabled by 2018. It’s been a really long and tedious journey for me along the way. I’ve been shamed, ridiculed, harassed, abused, and a whole lot more just because I became chronically ill.

It’s not right no, but it happens to a lot of people every single day. Disability shaming is a real thing, especially to women and invisible illnesses. I am a disability advocate and will stand with the people in this world that have no voice of their own, have no confidence, or just simply have no way to express their sadness, anger, frustration, disappointment, etc. I also stand up for diversity awareness as well.

Part of my journey in health and wellness has been using Neora products. If you haven’t heard about them, used them, or seen them around, I also am now selling them.

They are holistic, gluten-free, natural ingredients, and almost all of them are now vegan.

The reason I started using their skin, health, and wellness products is because I have tried and failed all that conventional medicine has to offer for my Lupus and other diseases. I now have to move to holistic and natural methods while I wait for the next new Lupus medication to come onto the market to see if that works for me. I’m not a person that just lies down and waits to die. I want to try everything I can.

I have actually felt better since using their health and wellness products and that says a lot. Their skincare line helps when my malar rash and psoriasis flares up as well. Plus, the idea that it’s all natural, holistic, mostly vegan, gluten-free, good for me, and not my usual chemotherapy probably cancer causing treatment for my Lupus is an A+ in my book!

If you are interested in learning more about Neora products, joining my team, or maybe you are chronically ill too? You can contact me, join me, or check out my website at: https://marvelouslife.neora.com/

Adult Books

  • Contemporary & Historical Fiction
  • Thrillers, Mystery, & Horror
  • Nonfiction: Bio & Memoirs, True Crime, Keto Cookbooks, Keto Science
  • Fantasy & Science Fiction

Young Adult Books

  • Contemporary, Romance, & Historical Fiction
  • Thrillers, Mystery, & Horror
  • Fantasy & Science Fiction

Middle Grade

  • Fantasy & Science Fiction
  • I reserve the right to review a book within a timeline I set or I have agreed to.
  • I reserve the right to choose to not review a book I have requested if I feel I have to go against my rating scale, don’t have enough time, or don’t feel I can provide a legitimate review.
  • This has nothing to do with the author(s) and/or book(s) in question and everything to do with my personal opinions/time.
  • I am currently accepting e-ARCs and physical ARCs/Finished copies for my preferred genres. My email to contact regarding ARCs or finished copies is marvelousketomes@gmail.com.
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – New Fave
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Great Read
  • ⭐⭐⭐ – Average Read
  • ⭐⭐ – One Time Read
  • ⭐ – DNF’ED

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